How to Add Google AdSense to Wix Blog?

There are two methods to add Google AdSense to your Wix blog and they vary depending on where you want to place your ads on the website. Both the methods have been explained in fair detail in this post along with some tips to make the best use of Google AdSense for Wix.

AdSense in Wix

If you wish to place your ads anywhere on the Wix website except within the blog posts, then you need to use the Google AdSense App available on Wix. But, if you wish to place the ads within the bog posts, then you need to use a code which can be inserted in the snippet produced by Google AdSense.

Both methods require you to have an approved AdSense account. If you don't know how to get your Google AdSense approved, follow the guidelines shared on Shout Me Loud. Sometimes approval can take longer than expected, ensure that you also follow these tips for creating your blog or website to increase the chances of a faster AdSense approval.

Once your account gets approved, you need to connect your Wix website to AdSense. Wix has shared a detailed procedure in this regard which you can find here. You also need to add your site in AdSense by clicking on Sites List.

After connecting your Wix website to AdSense, you will become eligible to place ads on the website using the two methods listed before.

I. Using Google AdSense App

The steps under this method are:

  1. Click on Google AdSense App.

  2. Click on Add to Site.

  3. Wherever it gets added, double click on it.

  4. For the first ad, you might be asked to connect the site or add it to AdSense if not already done, but for the later ones, this step will not be required.

  5. You will see a box to add the code.

  6. Create an ad (Wix only supports fixed display ads).

  7. Copy the code snippet.

  8. Paste it in the box of step 5.

  9. Click on activate.

  10. Shape of the ad will change.

Source: Wix Guide

Your add should activate within 48 hours. After the first few ads, you'll see the ad live immediately. If you face any issues on a step, refer to the Wix Guide on this matter.

II. Using Code in Blog Posts

The steps under this process are:

  1. Create an ad (as shared before).

  2. Copy the code snippet.

  3. Go to Wix blog editor.

  4. Open the post and insert code.

  5. Edit the code by adding this line: data-page-url=" after <ins class="adsbygoogle".

  6. Save the code.

Insert HTML Code in Wix Blog

Your ad will appear upon publishing the post. You can also check if it is visible by clicking on the Preview Button on the top right corner. In case you face any issues, refer to this detailed post on adding AdSense to Wix blog posts.

Tips for Wix and AdSense

Over the months experimenting with AdSense and Wix, I've learned the following:

  1. Placing an ad on the bottom of a blog post using the first method earns well. You can check that ad on this blog post by scrolling to the end.

  2. Some ad sizes are more common than others because of which your ad might not appear if there are not enough ads available in the size you select. I prefer 300 x 250 and 728 x 90.

  3. You can earn better if you target your content to the International audience than the audience of developing countries e.g. India. Read more about it here.

  4. Don't place more than 3 ads within a blog post. There are no restrictions but needless to say the number of ads you place should be proportionate to the time users spend reading your blog posts. I have set these guidelines for myself: Reading Time Number of Ads <3 minutes 1 4-6 minutes 2 >7 minutes 3 The only case in which I don't follow this rule is when the length of the post is good enough despite fewer words. For example, in this post there are a lot of steps which have resulted in a longer post.

  5. Never place an ad in the area that is visible to your reader the moment he/she opens your blog post. That can slow down your website speed and eventually hurt the SEO of your website.

So, these were a couple of tips from my end along with the two methods of adding AdSense to your Wix Blog. Hope these points help you.

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