One of the Best Digital Marketing Campaigns of the Era - Diamond Candles with 160% Sales Increase

The example I’d like to share is of a product that nobody cares about while buying - aromatic candles! When you go shopping, aromatic candles are not a priority on your list. You buy them because maybe they smell nice off the shelf or they look appealing or you need to gift them to someone.

So, how can a company initiate a frenzy of purchase by marketing aromatic candles digitally?

Here’s how Diamond Candles did it:

Diamond Candles took America by storm with its fun new take on the ordinary candle! It placed a $10 ring in each candle along with a ring reveal slip! The ring reveal slip could reveal the second ring of $500, $1,000 or $5000! In order to claim the second ring, consumers were required to visit the Ring Reveal website, type in their code and find out if they have won the second ring. It also enabled them to record their candid reactions while the result was being revealed.

The campaign was a development on the insight that 98% of consumers of aromatic candles were women, who love jewelry as well as an element of surprise. Diamond Candles combined all three to create the Ring Reveal campaign.

The results that ensued were unimaginable:

  • Diamond Candles saw an additional 1 million site impressions in just three months of the launch of Ring Reveal.

  • More than 400,000 videos were added in its reactions gallery.

  • Diamond Candles’ Facebook page got 1 million likes (yes, a candle brand!)

The uniqueness of this campaign lies in the fact that in order to get to the reward i.e. the ring, the product needs to be experienced (candle wax needs to melt to reveal the ring). So, the consumer gets to try the product even if the eye is on the reward.

People started recording their ring reveal reactions and putting them on social media with hashtags #diamondcandles generating word of mouth sales. Every month, Diamond Candles was adding 20,000–30,000 e-mails to its database. What started as a Facebook campaign, then spread to e-mail marketing increasing sales by 160%.

Look at the pictures added by consumers - they even started treating the rings as collectibles and selling their ring collections online:

Later, they even took it to Pinterest, targeting occasions related to rings, candles, and women - they marketed around holidays, women’s day, mother’s day, anniversaries, proposals, gifting, etc. The campaign is still active and Diamond Candles has been selling candles at an average price of $28 with an assured ring of $10 in them.

It was one of its own kind which was then imitated by other aromatic candle brands, soaps, and bubble bombs as well! But, the pioneer remained Diamond Candles!

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