AdSense Approval in 7 Days: AdSense Approval Trick 2020

Before applying for ads on my previous blog, I waited for 2.5 months. I used to google "When should I apply for Google AdSense for my blog?" Google has a tendency to reject the applications if it doesn't find the blog/website worth showing ads. So, with this blog, I tried to experiment and record how long after blogging will Google AdSense approve my request?

I submitted the URL of this Wix Blog to Google AdSense on 17th May, 2020 i.e. 7 days after starting this blog and got the approval on 18th May, 2020 in less than 24 hours. Today, I am going to share how you can get the Google AdSense Approval for your blog within 7 days by comparing the factors that worked for me. Please note that these are just my observations and by no means I know the criteria Google uses (no one does, actually).

Old vs New Blog: AdSense Factors

Before sharing my opinion, let me share the key factors I thought influenced the Google AdSense Approval when I first applied for my previous blog in 2020. Those factors are:

  • Number of Blog Posts

  • Average Reading Time/Post

  • No. of Unique Users

  • Blog Page Views

  • Average Bounce Rate

  • Total Search Clicks

  • Total Search Impressions

  • Average Search Position

  • Google Discover Posts

  • Google Discover Clicks

  • Google Discover Impressions


Now, I will compare these factors across the two blogs for which I applied for an AdSense Approval and see how they looked like on the date of application:

As you can see, apart from the Average Reading Time of the blog posts, all other factors were better or approximately the same in my previous blog. So, my initial assumptions that the number of posts, organic search figures or Google Discover features affect the sanction of Google AdSense approval were incorrect.

AdSense Approval: Factors

Disclaimer: From hereon, I've presented my opinions, I don't work for Google.

These are a couple of things I took care of while creating this Wix blog and tried ensuring that they were done before I applied for Google AdSense Approval:

1. Blog Design: My previous blog was very heavy, which made it difficult to load, so I made sure to keep the design of this blog simple. The factors that affect blog design include, colours, font style, font sizes and the use of images:

  • Colours: You should try to avoid using bright colours that affect readability. Please note that the AdSense approval check is done manually, so if the checker isn't able to read the content of your blog due to the bright choice of colours, then it is going to lead to a rejection.

  • Font Style: Try using a font type which loads quickly. Some fonts are already stored in the cookies of your blog visitors, thereby improving the loading time of the website/blog. You can check out this amazing guide on web font performance to pick your optimum font style.

  • Font Size: Try keeping a maximum of 2-3 different font sizes for your headings, descriptions and main body text. It not only improves your loading time, it also has a positive impact on readability.

  • Images: If you're using images anywhere on the different pages of your website/ blog, ensure that they are not copyrighted by others, use JPEG/JPG versions than PNG for better loading times.

2. Easy Navigation: Since the check is going to be manual, it is important to ensure that the Google AdSense reviewer is able to navigate through your website easily. Adding a header menu, properly naming the pages is important.

You can also add buttons/elements on the home page to direct users to the relevant pages of your website. The home page of your blog is the most important page, that is where the review is going to begin from. So, make sure that the reviewer can access all the pages from your home page, either through the menu in the header or through button/element clicks.

3. Authenticity Pages: Some pages like "About Us" and "Contact Us" help the visitors trust the blog and the blogger behind it. By clearly describing the mission, vision behind your blog, the topics you will write on, the founding story and about the blogger, you can build authenticity. Similarly, provide your contact information for your visitors to reach out to you.

4. Quality Posts: You should write at least 5 blog posts with quality content before submitting your blog for Google AdSense approval. By quality content, I mean:

  • The content should be original and descriptive.

  • The average reading time of the posts should be 4 mins (>300 words).

  • The content should be supplemented with images/videos which have either been sourced from copyright free mediums or have been self-clicked.

5. Internal and External Links: Try to link your previous posts in your new posts by using hyperlink, this is called internal linking. Similarly, share credible and high quality resources for your users to go through by sharing the links of other websites, this is called external linking.

6. Share Posts on Social Media: Share your content across different social media platforms so that there is some amount of engagement (post views, likes, comments) on your blog. This will show the reviewer that your content is helping some individuals, the most important reason to blog.

7. SEO Optimized: All your blog pages and posts should be SEO optimized for Google AdSense to approve it for showing ads. This is because Google needs keywords to show contextual advertisements on your website/blog. If your content is optimized, your headings, meta title, meta description tags are in place, it will be easier for Googlebots to understand what the page/post is all about. If you want to learn how to make your blog SEO optimized, stay tuned. I will be writing a post on it soon.

8. Indexed and Crawled: Google keeps adding new websites/pages to its database from time to time, but given the huge number of posts published everyday, your turn can get delayed. There is a tool to get this done quickly and it is called Google Search Console. It allows you to submit your URLs for indexing, upon which Googlebots can crawl your website and make it visible on the web.

So, these are the factors, which in my opinion, affect your chances of getting an approval from Google AdSense in 2020. If you wish to display ads on your website/blog and earn revenue, follow the aforementioned tips and you shall have ads running on your blog in no time.

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