How to Find Blog Post Topics and Ideas? [3 Easy Ways]

After writing a couple of posts on your blog, you may wonder where to generate more blog post topics and ideas from. In this post I will be sharing three easy techniques that I use regularly to find ideas and topics for my upcoming blog posts.

Generating Blog Topics

3 Simple Ways

1. Using Quora

This is the first technique you can use to find blog topic ideas. Simply type the main topic that you write about on Quora and click on Topic. For example, on my other blog, I write about CAT Preparation. So, this is how I can select the topic CAT Preparation by typing it in the Quora search box:

When you do that, you will come across tabs like Read, Answer, Most Viewed Writers and Related Topics:

You can use all of them to find inspiration for your next blog post. Here is an example of the tab Answer:

Now, all these can be potential topics for you to answer in your next blog post.

Suggested | Writing on Quora

2. Google Autocomplete

This is another useful tool to find new topics to write about in your next blog post. For this method, you need to list down some keywords that you commonly write about. For example, CAT Preparation, IIM, etc. Now, type each keyword by using what, why, where, how and when along with them in the Google Search Box. Here's an example:

The autocomplete feature of CAT will help you find more and more topics around which you can weave your next blog post. Just keep adding more keywords to your list.

You can also supplement this technique with the Google Related Searches which appear at the end of the search page. For example, for the previous query, "How to start CAT preparation", the following related searches appear towards the end of the first page:

3. Social Media Engagement

Not only yours! Don't worry if you're just beginning, use the social media accounts of other websites operating in your field and check out their social media handles. Often the regular readers comment on the social media posts asking for a certain post. For example, if someone was to take an idea from my other blog, he/she could write a blog post using this comment:

Comments, feedback points like these can help you get closer to your target audience. Slowly, when your readership improves, you can start taking inspiration from the messages, comments that you receive on your blog. For example, this post you're reading is a requested one. I took the inspiration from a message I received from a blog member.

Bottom Line

Using these techniques you can create a handy repository of blog post topics and ideas for your subsequent posts. I have a list of such blog post ideas and every week I try to publish 2-3 posts out of it.

Hope this post helps you come up with blog post topics and ideas of your own. Let me know if you have any feedback in the comments that you'd want me to take an inspiration from for my next posts :)

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