Can Anyone Create a Quora Space?

This is a genuine question raised by a blog member given that Quora has recently announced its Space Earnings Program 2020. So, I decided to dig further and find out if there has been a change in the Quora Space Guidelines due to which the spaces have become accessible to more Quora users.

Can Anyone Create a Space?

~ Quora Guidelines

Till 2020, Quora had kept the option to create spaces limited to some Quora users only. But, in a recent update in the official Quora Space Updates, a post by Alina Din (Community Manager at Quora) dated June 2 states that: Spaces are now open to everyone!

Official Update by Quora

So, now you no longer have to reach out the Quorans who had an access or fill up any request form, you can simply start creating your own space by clicking on the Spaces Tab and Create Space (+)/Add Option.

Add Space Option

Hope this helps you create your own Quora Space and get started with the Space Earnings Program. You can join a Quora Space I recently created to collate all learning points of this program from different Space Admins - Space Earning Admins.

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