How to Get More Quora Space Followers?

The most important part, right? If you don't have enough followers, chances are you'll have less views and engagement as a result. Due to the launch of the Space Earnings Program, it has become important to grow your Quora space followers.

This post will reveal the methods to increase the Quora space followers who are not your existing Quora followers (here is how to invite your existing Quora followers to spaces).

Quora Space Followers

Before we begin, you must understand that the Spaces are no longer going to have the same dynamics as they used to. As per the June 2nd update of Quora, anyone can create a Space now. This has huge implications for new space creators - why would someone want to join your space as a follower when they can create a similar one and be the owner?

Thus, the first and foremost thing you need to understand is - you need to create value for others if you want to grow your Quora Space followership!

I. Value for Readers:

Not everyone wants to write, some people read to get knowledge/pleasure. So, as a space owner, it will be your duty to ensure that you get the right content for your readers. Here is the hierarchy of content:

The relevant content for your audience can be written by you or by others. The one that others write can be found by you or by others. These others are an extremely important part of the equation for several reasons:

  • Your Space will have diverse opinions if content of multiple writers gets shared.

  • Your followers will also appreciate if the person sharing the content (contributor) keeps changing.

  • The content will not look self-promoted, instead it will actually generate value.

  • When you share others' content, they get a notification, which is often followed by an upvote or follow on your space.

  • If the writer doesn't have a lot of followers, he/she might prefer to regularly share his content on your space, which gets you a new contributor.

II. Value for Writers:

There are broadly two kinds of writers -

  • who already have followers.

  • who want to increase followers.

Your Space can provide a lot of value to the second kind of writers. By sharing their content on your space, you are giving them a cue to interact with the relevant audience. If you also mention a few words on how their content is beneficial while sharing their content on your space, it'll induce them further to join.

Make sure you allow the writers to share content who include a link to their blogs as a part of their answers. This is because if the answer is comprehensive enough, it won't matter if there's a self-promotion link at the bottom. Everyone has a right to meet their own objectives if you're intending to meet your own.

How to find relevant content?

The best way is - go to the Quora Topic your space revolves around - find the most viewed writers. You can also do this with any writer you find who has written content relevant to your space. Then click on their profile and find 'Knows About' tab. Under this tab, find topics relevant to your space.

Under each of these topics you'll see answers written by the individual. Click on answers and a list of all relevant answers will get generated. Read each one of them and share the ones you think are beneficial.

Make sure to keep a gap between your shares on the space, don't spam it.

III. Value for Contributors:

A contributor has one of the most selfless jobs unless he is also the writer. Why would someone want to share another writer's post to your space without an incentive?

This means that you need to generate some value for your contributors. In my personal opinion, you must share your earnings with the contributors of the space. It is better to be a small fish in a big sea in this case, because unless your space meets the $10 criterion, hoarding the sum will do no good to you?

But, this also raises a question - why would a contributor trust you? In that case, you can divide the total of $10 dollar milestone into 5 smaller milestones - tell your contributors that every time the leader-board hits $2, you will divide the sum among all the contributors.

This will build trust and keep them going.

This was all about generating value! You might be wondering: "How to increase followers!?" The truth is, it cannot be done without generating value. So, you cannot miss the steps above.

But, yes - you can surely follow some steps to garner attention of the above mentioned users to your space.

Increase Followers

If you're just starting out, the first step would be to gain irrelevant familiar followers to your space. Yes, you read it right. By sharing your space with people who have nothing to do with it, you will create a psychologically appealing image in the mind of your relevant unfamiliar followers.

If your answer gets shared in a space with 10 followers vs 100 followers vs 1000 followers - the impact is going to be different, right? So, first of all, share your space on social media handles like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and get as many irrelevant followers to follow your space.

After doing that, you need to get unfamiliar relevant followers:

These are the people looking for value. And, they come from two sources:

  • Quora

  • Google

People often miss out on the second, that's why I keep reminding this.

Your target for both the categories should be to land them to your space and show them value.

Land them to your Space

For this, you need to take up the role of a Quora Topic Manager that your space revolves around. Let's say, I am the owner of a space about the Space Earnings Program. Then, I will also have to take up the voluntary role of the manager of Quora Topic - "Spaces - a Quora Feature".

A Quora Topic Manager will have a lot of unsaid duties. For example, ensuring that all relevant questions have the Topic Tag, all irrelevant questions with the Topic Tag should be edited, the Topic page should be edited, described, cleaned, profile picture should be added, etc.


Because under every Quora Topic and relevant questions, Quora suggests users relevant spaces to follow:

You'd want users to find your space here. So, the more questions that have the right tags, the more the chances of your space to appear.

This also means that you need to choose the same topics for your space that you're choosing to manage. So, ensure that there's not a lot of competition in that topic.

Show them Value

Once the user lands on your space, the value can be shown in the form of a pinned post, description of the space, the first few answers, proper guidelines, number of contributors, followers, etc.

We have already covered how you can generate value above.

So, this is what I had to say about how you can increase your Quora Space followers. I must point out that with the introduction of this program, it is going to become more competitive to get followers. So, if you want to grow your space, you must add value.

Create a strong army of contributors, who need not have a lot of followers. But, they should be dedicated enough to share quality content to your space. That should help.

You can join a Quora Space I recently created to collate all learning points of this program from different Space Admins - Space Earning Admins.

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