How to Get Traffic from Quora to Your Blog?

Quora can be a wonderful source of traffic for your blog. To prove the same, here is a screenshot of the number of sessions spent on my blog by Quora users:

These account for 50% of the total users from all the social media networks and 10% of the blog visitors to date, the biggest source being Google Discover.

How to Get Traffic from Quora?

Quora is used by bloggers time and again to promote their work. But, there are a couple of key factors that differentiate the ones who get traffic from Quora and the ones who don't. These factors have been listed below based on my personal experience, so the list may not be exhaustive, but it can certainly help someone starting afresh with Quora:

1. Build a Cult - As a blogger, you need to identify what your blog genre is. Quora also has genres segregated for users in the form of 'Topics' and now even 'Spaces'. Once you have identified your blog genre, you need to focus on answering more questions pertaining to the topics around that genre. For example, when I started this blog, I chose the following topics on Quora to answer:

  • Blogging

  • Wix

  • SEO

Writing answers on a few selected topics can help you build a cult and connect with the right audience. Selecting such topics is the critical element here. Making a list of topics around your blog genre can help you come up with a broad list of topics which you can then filter using the number of topic followers.

2. Share Information & More - The biggest turnoff for me as a user on Quora is to read an answer that contains one line and a link to the author's blog. Quora shouldn't be treated as a dump to promote links to your blog. It is a platform to share information and you can use it to get traffic by adding value first.

Whenever you write an answer on Quora, your intent should be to help the reader, not conditional on a visit to the blog. You should answer the question of the reader fully on the website itself and share a link to your blog post as an additional source of reading.

For example, if you are writing an answer on blogging and you happen to mention the word SEO in your answer, on which you have several blog posts to share, use it as a link in your answer and change the anchor text to 'SEO' where you want to place the the word within the answer.

Let me show you how I have done it in one of my Quora answers:

This way, you're not conditioning the value-add upon a visit to your blog. The reader will still get the information he/she is looking for through your answer, but by adding appropriate anchor texts, you are suggesting the reader to visit your blog for more information around the genre.

Doing this can also significantly help you with the the SEO of your blog.

3. Develop Trust - It takes a lot of trust for a reader on Quora to click on an external link. Any reader would do that only if he/she trusts that the link will lead to a resourceful page that quenches the thirst of knowledge. So, make sure you always strive to add value, be it on Quora or on your blog.

It is not only important to make a user land on your blog (which will count as a view) but also to make him see value on your blog (which will fetch repeated views). For this, you can read the 7 tips on content writing that I have shared basis my experience so far.

4. Don't Spam - Some bloggers try to push their content down the readers' throat by spamming multiple Spaces on Quora. Some bloggers also copy-paste the same answer for multiple questions. It may appear like a quick-fix to get a lot of users in a short time. But, it accounts for spam for the readers.

Quora is less likely to promote your answers naturally in that case (yes, Quora also helps you promote). Your readers are also less likely to follow you in that case.

It can surely help you with penetration i.e. getting newer users onboard but there is a high likelihood of them not staying with you for long. So, refrain from such practices.

5. No Need to Advertise the Blog - I'm not too sure about this one, but from my personal experience, I haven't quite fancied the authors who mentioned their blog in all their answers. It sounds conditional as if the answer was written for the reader to visit the blog.

You can mention about your blog in your profile bio on Quora. If your answer is a value-add, the reader is likely to visit your profile to know more about you. That's when you can help the reader see that similar content is available on your blog too.

It's true that if you take this route, it might take more time for you to get the readers, but those readers will stay for a longer period with you, because you never made it conditional for them to visit in the first place.

So, these were the pointers from my end to help you get traffic from Quora. If you also have some pointers to share with me from your experience, please be my guest in the comments section. Would love to get some feedback. Hope it helps.

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