Getting 21,000+ Quora Followers Quickly: 7 Easy Hacks

Who doesn't want to create great content, but having a long list of Quora followers is like a cherry on the top. It gives you more incentive to write because your words get a higher reach. Today I am going to share 7 easy hacks to get more followers on Quora in no time.

These hacks have worked brilliantly for me and over a span of 3-4 years (of irregular writing), my profile has got 21,000+ Quora followers. But, don't worry because you won't have to wait for 3-4 years. I wish I had access to these hacks before I figured them by trial and error. For now, let's begin with the 7 hacks.

Increase Quora Followers:

1. Answer Questions with more Views: Many Quora writers make this mistake of answering the questions on the basis of the number of followers of the questions. This is an incorrect approach to choose which question to answer. This is because many people search for questions on Quora, they read the answers and go away. They only follow the question (that too not very often) in case it hasn't been answered properly yet and they are awaiting a response for it.

Remember that a question may have a lot of followers but not enough views. Question views are an indicator of how many people organically or otherwise are looking for an answer to that question. It is a better representative of the questions that are popular and require an answer. For example, I just answered this question on Quora:

This question had zero followers but 4,493 views. Also, notice that this question was last followed on 12th May (recently) but the question on face showed 0 public followers. This happens because Quora allows its users to follow the questions privately, which is another reason why you should consider views than followers before making the choice to answer questions.

2. Google the Question and Choose the popular version: You will often come across questions that are similar in nature. For example, the question "How to increase followers on Quora" has many versions:

  • How can I gain followers on Quora?

  • What is the easiest way to get followers?

  • How do I increase views & followers?

Before deciding which version to answer, Google the main phrase and see which ones rank in the top 3 results. This is because Quora gets a lot of viewership directly from Google. If you want others to read your answers, then you should aim to make it more visible to them by choosing the question that is popular among its alternatives.

3. Don't answer a Question with 100+ answers already: Continuing the above example, if a question has 100+ answers already (like the first and the third one), then it's highly unlikely that your answer will get any eyeballs among the existing well-written answers. You can complement this technique by choosing not to answer questions that already have a popular Quoran's answer or an answer that satisfactorily resolves the questioner's concern.

This is very counterintuitive and I learned it with a lot of testing and trying. I used to think that if I answer a question that already has 1,00,000+ views due to 100+ answers, I'll be able to get a small share of the large pie. But, Quora doesn't work that way. You should instead try to be the big fish of a small sea i.e. pick a question that has a decent number of views i.e. 500+ and an average number of answers i.e. <10-15. Make sure that the existing answers haven't already captured the points that you're going to make.

4. Maintain a great Profile Bio and Credentials: Before reading any answer to a question I am looking for, I always check the credentials of the individual to see if he/she is competent enough to answer it reliably. Thus, you must improve the presentation of your credentials. A simple way to do that is by including some numbers or famous nouns. For example, for the topic IIM-A, my credential is: "Graduated from IIM-A (batch of 2020)", similarly my credential for the topic Blogging is: "Founder of two blogs, 2M+ impressions on Google Discover".

After reading the answer, if I like it, I often check the profile of the user who has answered it. Properly filling out your educational qualifications, work experience, giving a proper tagline and filling up the bio can help you in creating that first positive impression. Supplement it with pinning your most viewed/well-written answer to entice the viewer to keep reading. Here's how I've done it:

5. Write on a Few Topics to Build Credibility: I am a strong believer of mastering one thing at a time. If you wish to build credibility and be known for a particular field, you must pick just one or two topics to write about. I've explained some easy ways to generate topics on which you can write. Just pick one or two, to begin with, and grow the list as your followership grows.

For example, I started with writing about Delhi University because that's what I knew about. Then, I wrote about marketing, a field that interested me. Later, I wrote about MBA preparation and finally, I am now writing about blogging. So, begin with one topic and try writing quality, detailed answers on it.

6. Share your Answers in relevant Spaces: There are a lot of spaces created already on various topics. You should try finding the spaces which are relevant to the topic you write about to get the attention of potential followers on Quora. Most of the space admins (including myself) review the submissions before accepting them for the space. In the process, the admins often offer such regular contributors to join as the space contributors. This can be a huge breakthrough for you in terms of increasing your credibility for that topic.

7. Don't ask for Upvotes or Follows: In my opinion, it is a big turnoff if you ask for upvotes or follows at the end of your answer. It reveals that your only objective was to get more followers. You should instead ask for the feedback of the readers which may prompt them to engage with you in the comments or in the personal messages. I'm a strong believer in the fact that if you write to help others, you will grow quickly.

Hope you found these points to be of use. You can grow your Quora followership by using them while writing your answers. Let me know which ones among them worked for you :)

If you wish to read any other post on issues pertaining to blogging, content writing or social media marketing, do let me know in the comments below, would be happy to blog about it next.

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