Is there a Google Discover App in the Market?

Most publishers as well as content readers are wondering how to make the best use of Google Discover and in the series of questions that come to their mind, a prominent one is - "Is there an app for Google Discover in the market?" In this post, I'll share two ways in which one can access Google Discover Feed.

Google Discover Feed

The Discover Feed comprises of an option to search for a query (like the olden times) and 20-30 Google Discover Cards from different publishers. This is how it looks like:

Google Discover Feed

As you can see, the Google Discover Cards are pre-loaded before you even type a query. This is how Google Discover works - it shows you some queryless recommendations basis your interests and prior search history. You can customize your interests to see more relevant content.

Is there a Google Discover App?

No, currently one can access Google Discover Feed through the Google App or the Google Chrome App.

Apps for Google Discover

These are the only two ways you can access the Google Discover Feed.

Is Google Discover on Desktop?

No, Google Discover Feed is only available on mobile as of now. It can be seen in the Google and the Chrome Apps, which are often pre-installed in most phones these days.

Why No App for Google Discover?

Though this is my best guess, I believe it has to do with the performance of Google News and the prior version of Google Feed. If you notice the difference between Google Discover & News, Google News can be accessed both via mobile or desktop, but one has to open a new tab or app for it.

Since Google wanted to offer a new queryless product - Google Discover, it had to do away with the need to open a new tab or app in order to access the Discover Cards.

This, according to me, is the main reason why the Google Discover Feed opens up just below the usual Search Option that Google used to have earlier as well.

Will there ever be an App?

The chances of this happening are pretty dim due to the reasons mentioned above.

So, to answer the main question, no - Google Discover doesn't have an app of its own. It is simply a feed which appears below the search option in the Google and Chrome Apps on mobile.

Hope this helps.

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