Google News "Empty Sections" Issue Resolved for Wix Site

Recently, I applied for Google News approval for this website. The Google News Publisher Center requires you to add your blog articles in the form of sections. Two of the common ways used to do that are:

  • Adding RSS Feed

  • Linking Website URL

Since this blog didn't have an RSS feed activated, I used the website URL link to proceed further. However, the Google News App Publishing Status showed "Empty Sections" as a concern and asked to review.

Google News "Empty Sections" Issue

I tried everything to correct the issue but the "Review" button kept popping up and there was no option to "Publish" the website as a news source.

Without resolving the Google News Empty Sections issue, I couldn't publish the website as a news source. Here is how I corrected it for my website which is a Wix hosted site.

Empty Sections Google News

First of all, you need to add a Section under the Content Tab. Choose the option of adding a Feed and not a Website URL. This is one of the common mistakes.

Once you select the Feed option, insert the following URL:

Replace "yourwebsite" with your website's domain name. In this example, "blog-feed.xml" connects the blog of your website to the news source and fetches all the articles published in your blog.

You will also be able to see a preview of your website immediately.

Please note that you cannot add more than a section for your custom feeds. So far, I've only been able to figure out how to publish your Wix website as a Google News Source with your blog articles appearing. I still need to find out how to segregate them into sections.

For now, add one section and one content label - just your website address will do.

After adding this, you need to Save Changes. A lot of people forget this step which causes no change in the Publishing Status. Once saved, refresh the page and go to Review & Publish. It may take 5-10 minutes to reflect the change, so refresh again if the status remains unchanged.

You will soon see the Publish option available. Click on it and your application will be submitted for review by Google News and you'll be able to see "In Review" status in red colour.

I added my website for review on 20th October, 2020:

And, I got the approval from Google News on 23rd October, 2020:

So, stay patient and keep checking the publishing status for any changes. Once approved, your Wix website will start appearing in the Google News App as a News Source.

Hope this resolves your concern as a Wix Website user. Let me know if it worked in the comments below.

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