Has COVID impacted Google News Approval like it had impacted Google AdSense Approval in 2020?

A lot of new bloggers wanted to get a Google AdSense Approval at the onset of 2020. However, Google AdSense was facing some difficulties processing the requests of so many bloggers due to the COVID pandemic. This resulted in a delay in getting an AdSense approval in 2020.

Speculating the same trend to follow for Google News, I was quite apprehensive when I decided to apply for it. To publish your website as a News Source, you don't need to apply to Google News necessarily. But, doing so can certainly help you in multitude of ways.

So, when I applied for Google News, I was not sure if the process would take longer than usual due to COVID, but now that my website has been finally approved as a News Source by Google News, I can share the answer with you.

Application to Google News

I applied for this website to Google News on 20th October, 2020. Upon publishing the website for review, I got the following notification:

Google News review process takes 2-4 weeks. However, there was no change mentioned due to the impact of COVID. The number of weeks specified have always remained the same.

To be honest, 2-4 weeks seemed a lot of time and I felt that it must have to do with COVID and the surge in requests thereof. However, due to no mention as well as no change, I had no option but to wait.

Surprisingly enough, I got an approval from Google News within 3 days i.e. on 23rd October:

This certified that Google News was not impacted due to COVID and it was accepting websites for News Source Publication as it was before without any delays.

So, if you are a blogger looking for Google News approval, don't wait and apply soon. It will most likely get approved in less than a week. And if it doesn't then look for the things you can do to improve your website:

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