How to Create a Wix Blog in One Day? I Created This One!

Creating a blog on Wix is one of the easiest endeavours to undertake. Wix web hosting has made it a seamless experience for new bloggers to set up their own Wix blogs in no time. How do I know this? Because this is my second Wix blog, which I have created it in less than 24 hours. This post will share how to get started with creating your own blog. If you're not sure about Wix, you can read the Wix vs WordPress Web Hosting Comparison to make the right choice. Let's begin!

Step 1 - Cover Blogging Basics

If you haven't read the previous posts of this blog, then I must urge you to go through these posts:

After going through these posts, you will be up and running with a blogging idea in mind. Now, we will look into the steps to create your own Wix blog. Since a lot of blog set-up tips have been shared by Wix already, wherever possible, I will share the links to the official guides for you to go through.

Step 2 - Sign-up on Wix

If you don't already have a Wix account, you will be required to Sign-up on Wix to begin. After the Wix sign-up, you have to select the 'Domain Hosting Plan'. Luckily, in India there is only one upgrade plan available, which costs Rs. 348. This plan is known as the Wix Premium Plan.

Step 3 - Select a Domain Name

Now, it's time for the most interesting choice i.e. to select the domain name of your website. This is an important and irreversible choice and hence, I'd suggest you to read 10 Tips of Choosing an Excellent Domain Name that Sticks.

Once you've decided your domain name, the next step is to check its availability. If you like it and it's available, don't overthink and hit the proceed button. Now, you will be required to make the payment for purchasing it. Here, I will share a valuable tip: You don't have to pay for the first year's domain on Wix by availing its Free Domain Voucher. All you need to pay is Rs. 348 for the first year, which is the web hosting fee of Wix for one year. From the next year onward, you'll be required to pay Rs. 777-897 depending on the domain extension plan you choose:

Step 4 - Choose the Template

Wix provides some excellent templates that you can choose from. You should spend a considerable amount of time deciding from the list of Wix templates because you will not be able to switch the editor template once you have made the payment. This is a fact that many users don't know and hence they end up committing blogging mistakes that they cannot reverse.

Step 5 - Make Payment

The final step is to fill-in your details and make the payment and ta-da: your Wix blog is all yours. Now, you will have to design it and think of its layout which is completely up to your choice. My suggestion to you would be to test and try different font sizes, colours, images and see what appeals to you the most.

Step 6 - Wix SEO Wiz

That's not all! What help would a blog accrue if you don't make it accessible to the world? So, it's time to make use of the Wix SEO Wiz, a free tool to make Google find your blog on the web. It contains a series of steps (about 27) for you to improve your blog's visibility in no time. It will also introduce you to the basic SEO terms like meta tags, backlinks and help you rank higher on Google. You can also read the Wix SEO guide in your free time to learn more about Search Engine Optimization.

Step 7 - Connect Google Console

Google Search Console is a tool that helps you analyze your standing in the Google Search Results on different keywords. For example, if you type "non-engineer" on Google, my first blog: gets featured. For the keyword "non-engineer", my blog ranks one on Google Search Results and this is how Console shows that data in terms of clicks, impressions, CTR and Average Position:

In order to connect your blog to Google Search Console, you can verify your Wixsite with Google Search Console. It takes about 2-3 days after verification to start showing the Search data.

Step 8 - Connect Google Analytics

Another useful tool, Google Analytics will help you analyze where you traffic is coming from across the world, which content pages are your users searching for, how many unique users and page-views do you have over time? It is one of the most comprehensive tools to track your traffic data. It also shows a live feed:

In order to connect Google Analytics to your Wixsite, you will have to add your Google Tracking ID to your Wixsite. This tool also takes about 8-12 hours to start showing the data. However, you will be able to access the live feed immediately.

That's about it! Your website is set-up and running, connected to the essential Google Tools for you to be able to track the readership of your Wix blog. You can start adding your blog posts now. Happy blogging :)

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