I Got Discovered by Google: Google Discover and Digital Marketing

This is an introductory post on Google Discover and how my blog got 1.5+ Million Impressions and 100K+ Clicks from it within 4 months of blogging. Disclaimer: I'm a first time blogger and I had no idea about SEO 4 months ago. Here's my story of getting discovered by Google :)


Blogging is something that was never on my bucket list. And even when someone suggested that I should try it, I wondered if I had anything significant to share with the world. Then, one day, I got a message on Quora from an MBA aspirant:

"I was going through your answers on the MBA entrance exam, but it's difficult to find your old answers, can you create a blog out of them?"

That's how Non-engineers started. I began transferring all my Quora answers in the wake of 2020, but little did I know that I'll get so fascinated by the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google Search Console became one of my companions and analyzing its data on a daily basis became my routine. If you're a digital marketing enthusiast, you'd know that SEO takes a long time to show results. In the last week of January, just a month into my blogging journey, I was looking at my daily traffic report, when something strange caught my eye. Till then, I had been averaging about 5 clicks through Google Search per day. But that day, my website saw a sudden jump of 3,000+ clicks in a day.

I had no idea where so many visitors came from. All I knew was that my companion Google Search Console had listed this jump under the tab called 'Discover'.

Encounters & Observations

A couple of weeks passed and Google Discover's visitors started frequenting their visits. I knew something was going right but I had to figure out what it was and how big it could be. That's when a member of my blog messaged me:

Glad to see your site in my Google Feed:

This was my first face-to-face encounter with Google Discover, a rebirth of Google Feed, Discover was renamed and re-conceptualized in 2018. When you open the Google App or Chrome on your phone, there are a couple of posts, videos, news articles listed before you type your query. Google customizes this feed basis your interests and search history. As a user, even you can pick and choose the kind of posts you'd like to see more often.

Even before you start searching for something, Google tries to show you content which aligns with your liking. No surprise it had more than 800+ million users in 2018. What this means for bloggers like me is that there is a huge opportunity out there to get connected to your target audience without marketing yourself in the traditional way.

Your potential customers no longer need to know about you in advance, all they need to know is what they like, in fact even that is being taken care of by Google. So, as a blogger, it is a great window for you to wave at your potential customers, connect with them due to the interest they share with you and hook them up to your website.

In my opinion, Google Discover has totally revolutionized the way traffic behaves online. From a blogger's perspective, Search Clicks have gone on the backseat and Discover Clicks are increasing their share of the pie day-by-day. I was recently reading a blog post which claimed that 75% of the traffic to Vogue's International Editions was coming from Google Discover. I have been into blogging for less than 4 months, but 96% of my organic traffic has come from Google Discover, which is about 100,000+ Clicks and 1.5 Million + Impressions over a spread of 27 posts that got featured.

Along with the Page Views, the parameter that is going to observe the most positive impact is 'New Users'. If I plot the number of new users of my blog across the 4 months of my blogging journey, you'll notice sudden jumps which overlap with the time when my blog posts got featured on Google Discover. About 12 of the 20 posts have got featured in the month of April itself, which has increased the number of new users on my blog by 118%.


After understanding a bit about Google Discover, I tried to experiment with my blog posts to see if I can get around the secret sauce of getting posts featured on the feed. I've spent the last few weeks trying different things, some of which seem to be working and some of which have no observable impact, despite the fact that they work so well for SEO. To date, the result of this experimentation for me has been a continuous feature of my blog posts on Google Discover for 24 consecutive days from April 16 to May 9, 2020.


Through this post, I'd like to welcome the opinion of digital marketing experts, SEO enthusiasts as well as the webmasters to shed some light on the scope of Google Discover in the future. This revolutionary feature also brings with itself the complication of deciding on the headlines, descriptions and title meta tags given that what works for Search may not work for Discover and vice-versa.

Leaving the stage open for discussion and your feedback.

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