How to Invite All Followers to Your Quora Space?

Enrolled yourself with the Space Earnings Program by Quora and wondering how you can increase the follower count by inviting your existing followers? This post is for you. Whether you have 100 followers or 10,000 you might be facing a problem in inviting all your Quora followers to your space. This post will share how to get around that problem.

Inviting Quora Followers

In order to invite your existing Quora followers to the spaces, you need to click on the Invite Button (the icon looks like an individual with a plus sign towards the bottom right):

Invite Followers Button

This will show you a list of your recent followers. By clicking on the blue Invite button in front of each name, you can invite your existing followers to the space.

The Problem

One of the biggest issues with this feature is that there is no option to 'Invite All Followers' in one go. Moreover, the list of followers which appears in the beginning is not exhaustive. After about 30-50 names, no more suggestions get loaded.

This raises a question - "How to invite your remaining Quora Followers to the Spaces?"

After experimenting with the Spaces, I found two methods that can be used depending on your total number of followers. Please note that we are not discussing the 'Invite via Link' option here.

Option 1 - Followers <500

The first option is for users with less than 500 followers on Quora. You can simply open the followers list on your profile and start typing the names in the Invite Followers list as follows:

Option 1 - Type Names

This process may take time, but it is a sure-shot method to ensure that all your Quora followers receive an invite request from you.

Option 2 - Followers >500

If you have more than 500 followers on Quora, using Option 1 can become pretty cumbersome. In that case, let me share a method to invite more number of followers to your spaces. This method cannot ensure an invitation to all your Quora followers, but you can certainly invite many uninvited ones.

The first step is to start with the alphabet 'A'. Type 'A' in the followers list and you will see a lot of names that weren't visible earlier. Invite them all. Then, do this with all other alphabets. You can easily find 200-300 names which you hadn't invited earlier just by this process.

Option 2 - Start Alphabetically

Then start with 'AA', 'AB', 'AC' so on and so forth. You won't believe how many uninvited names will start appearing. You can also do this by typing common first and last names in your geography.

Using this process alone, I was able to invite thousands of followers in a day to the Spaces.

Tip: Wait for a couple of seconds after typing the alphabets for the names to load. Quora is a bit slow in generating this list.

So, these were the two methods I wished to share using which you can invite a lot of Quora followers to your spaces who were uninvited earlier. Hope this helps you grow your space.

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