How much have you earned from the Quora Partner Program?

Recently one of the blog members asked me if I am a part of the Quora Partner Program. On replying in affirmative, I was asked how much have I earned to date by asking questions on Quora. In this post, I am going to reveal the amount that I've earned from the Quora Partner Program.

Quora Partner Program

From time to time, Quora invites the active members on Quora to become partners of the Quora Partner Program. This is a medium for the Quora members to earn by asking relevant questions on Quora. This program was initiated with the intention that there will always remain quality questions in Quora's repository if Quora could offer a little incentive to the members to ask more.

The amount that each question earns depends on a host of factors that are not disclosed. But, Quora does mention in the introduction to the program that:

You [Partners] make money from the advertising revenue earned from answers you [they] helped produce.

In other words, the more (expensive) ads displayed on your answer, the better your earning potential from that question. Apart from this simplistic explanation, there are other factors at play too, which I identified after months of experiments by asking all sorts of questions and tracking their earnings. But let's keep the factors for some other post, today I'm going to disclose how much I've earned to date through the Quora Partner Program.

Earnings from QPP

So, I've earned about $70.03 (Rs. 5,311) from Quora Partner Program as of now:

Quora Partner Program Earnings

I've earned a large share of this sum in 6 months i.e. the second half of 2019, with about 200 questions asked during that time. Most of the questions have earned either nothing or less than a dollar but the highest I've earned so far for a particular question was $22.29.

The top 3 questions that have paid me the most are:

a) Why Uber Eats does not have a button to cancel the order? $22.29

b) Most of the Zomato delivery boys ask us to rate their services. What exactly is the rating based program of Zomato for them? $15.36

c) How can the Bala and Ujda Chaman movies have the same storyline? Who will be the gainer and loser in this situation? $5.64

Out of the total sum i.e. $70.03, I've already been paid $69.52. The unpaid amount you earn gets transferred to your PayPal account on the first Monday of every month.

So, I hope this answers the question "How much have you earned from the Quora Partner Program". I'd like to thank the blog member for putting across this question in the messages :) If you also have a question like this, feel free to drop by a message.

In the subsequent posts, I will try to disclose some factors that I feel are responsible behind higher pay outs for certain questions asked as a part of the Quora Partner Program. Stay tuned!

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