Quora Partner Program Review 2020

Imagine getting paid for asking questions. That's exactly what sums up the Quora Partner Program, also known as QPP, which offers a percentage of Quora's revenue to its selected users for asking quality questions on Quora. In this post, I am going to share my experience of being a Quora Partner for over a year now.

Quora Partner Program Review

I've divided this review into the following:

  • Eligibility

  • Earnings

  • Benefits

QPP Eligibility

Personally, I don't like the fact that the eligibility of the Quora Partner Program is restricted to users upon invite. There is no invite link shared by Quora, just an e-mail ID - partners@quora.com where you can possibly request the team to let you be a partner but no one knows if it works that way.

According to Quora, the users are selected basis an unknown criteria but basis my experience, I believe asking questions or writing answers may not be the only (or even possible) criteria. I remember that when I got an invite, the only thing I was doing differently was being involved in Quora beyond writing and reading - I was suggesting amends to writers, requesting good writers to answer others' questions, etc.

When I received the Quora Partner Program Invite, I had 10k+ followers, 2M+ answer views and I was already quite active on Quora. I had received that message from a Quora team member and it was sitting in my inbox for a couple of days. I only got to know about it when I received a follow-up e-mail from the team.

Upon accepting to be a partner, I could see a Quora Partner Program Dashboard that looked something like this (I took this screenshot on 9th Oct, 2020) -

The dashboard is fairly simple to understand. You also get to see the number of views, ad impressions and earnings on each question that you ask once you get accepted to the Quora Partner Program.

The Quora Partner Program 2020 saw a fall in the number of users who were invited to the program as opposed to the previous years. One hypothesis I have is that Quora has realized that a lot of people want to be a part of the program but the quality of questions asked previously have not been up to the mark.

QPP Earnings

I had previously written a post on how much I've earned from the Quora Partner Program. But, you can also see it in the screenshot shared above - it is about $71 (Rs. 5,200) across 200 questions.

To be honest, when I started participating in the program actively, my intentions were to understand the algorithm behind Quora Partner Program's Payout. That is why, I asked all sorts of questions - from template questions to the recent events to some on politics as well.

The idea was to find out what kind of questions get better earnings and what kind of questions don't get paid by Quora despite a lot of views or answers.

What I've realized is that Quora measures the worth of a question on the basis of its potential to host ads. Essentially, the payout you receive out of the Quora Partner Program is a share of Quora's ad revenue. So, the more expensive the ads on your answer, the better your earnings.

Basis this experience, I can share a couple of tips for anyone who has gotten an invite from Quora to be a Partner and who wants to earn more money out of it:

Quora Partner Program Tips

  1. Get an Answer - If your question gets no answer, no matter how many views, the ad potential of the question would remain low. So, aim to request active Quora users (and not necessarily popular ones). Select the Quora users you request answers from by actively reviewing their profile. Go for the ones who have recently answered questions on that topic, more than 5 questions answered on that topic and who write at least 2 paragraphs in their answers.

  2. Check Google Trends - When you ask questions on burning topics or on phrases that are trending, the likelihood of getting an answer and viewership both increase. Thus, focus on the latest topics as they have high ad revenue potential.

  3. Focus on High-Bid Topics - Some topics are paid for higher by advertisers than others. For example, an advertiser with an educational product is likely to spend less for an ad of the same size as that of an advertiser from a tech background. So, focus on high paying topics. You can find a list online.

  4. Drive External Traffic - One of Quora's objectives is to drive traffic from Google, as much as possible. So, if you're able to ask the questions that are directly asked on Google, then your external traffic will increase and so will the ad revenue on your question.

Let me give you an example to prove all this.

One of the highest paying questions for me was this -

I asked this question when I was facing a trouble myself with finding the cancel button on Uber Eats after placing an order. I asked this question on Quora with no intention to earn from the Quora Partner Program. Yet, this became the highest paying questions for me of all time.

Why do you think it happened?

Check the external traffic - 100% of the traffic on the question is external i.e. via search engines. In fact, if you look at the number of views and number of ad impressions, you'd see how many people were looking for an answer to the same question and advertisers needed those eyeballs.

That's exactly how the earnings of this program work.

QPP Benefits

So far so good, so am I still continuing with the program? Not actively. It's there and whenever I have a genuine question, I ask it on Quora. But, I don't have any intention to earn from the Quora Partner Program anymore. The reason is that it requires a lot of effort.

You need to be as good with SEO to be able to find out the trending phrases on Google. Moreover, it forces you to ask questions that you don't even need answers to, which I believe should not be the purpose of a knowledge based platform like Quora.

So, even though it benefits a user monetarily, it takes away a lot from the user in terms of his/her credibility. I can't entertain that barter anymore. So, it's not for me.

If you wish to try it out and you have an invite, the points shared might be of help to you.

Hope that helps in summing up the review for Quora Partner Program 2020. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments.

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