When I Told a Quora Top Writer I'm Jealous of Him!

I began writing on Quora in 2016. Within a couple of months, I was glued to it. I made it a point to answer every question I could, for I believed that was the secret sauce to get more followers on Quora. But to my despair, despite answering over 100 questions, I could barely accumulate 500 followers.

Quora Top Writer

Around that time, there was a famous Quoran (I wouldn't name) who was a Quora Top Writer. He wrote fabulous answers! I was in awe of the structure in his answers, the amount of research, the flow - everything was so perfect, no wonder he had 50K followers back then!

To my best ability, I tried imitating his writing style - I started researching for my answers. I took notes of his writing pattern - when does he use commas, how does he emphasize words, how does he open the answer, etc. In short, I wanted to be as good as him.

Message on Quora

One day, I decided to confess to him. I sent him a long Quora message mentioning how jealous I was of his writing abilities and how I wished I could be even 1% as good as him. I told him about the efforts I had been putting in crossing the 1,000 followers mark and also shared the disappointment of not seeing any results.

He was really kind to revert but more importantly, he told me a simple secret to get better at anything - "Keep Going.." He said, "Dear Shweta, when I started writing, I too wasn't even 1% as good as I might be right now. If you don't believe me, check out my first few answers - you'll find embarrassing one-liners with no upvotes. If you want to be good at writing, you need to keep writing! And I'm sure you'll automatically learn on the way from other writers, mix your style and create something unique."


That day I realized something. No one is born as good as their current version. What you see right now in any person you admire is years of improvement practiced over a continuous period.

So, if you feel you're not good at writing or you cannot become a good writer, you have two classic examples who thought the same about themselves when they began - that Quora Top Writer and myself.

I honestly believe that if I can get better at writing, anybody can. All you need is an open mind, which observes the qualities of others, the willingness to learn and the hard work to be put in.

I'd recommend reading a very short book called Steal Like an Artist. This book teaches how you can observe and acquire the qualities that others possess and how you can mix a bit of your style to make the content unique and extraordinary. I learned a lot from this book.

Quora Follow

Recently, I was scrolling through my Quora notifications when I saw that the same writer I had been talking about had started following me on Quora. That was such a great feeling! When I look back, I feel at that point of time it seemed difficult, near to impossible on some days. But now that the bridge has been crossed, I can tell those standing on the other side - "It's definitely possible!"

You just need to be consistent. One of the biggest problems with content writers (count me in) is their inability to stay consistent. If you regularly write, learn, write again and repeat this process, you will definitely get better! It will not only improve your writing skills, you'll also get an audience.

Just keep creating valuable content for your readers and keep promoting it. Eventually, you will see the results. Think of an ice cube which melts at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It starts from 24 degrees and shows no visible sign of melting till the temperature hits 32. But, does that mean nothing was happening in between 24 and 31? The melting point came at 32, but the process was taking place before that - without any visible signs (this example has been shared in the book Atomic Habits).

So, think of your efforts as if they're in the range of 24-31. The melting point will come soon :)

Remember, most content writers (or people for that matter) are not consistent in their efforts. Think of the possibilities if you decide to be one!

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