How to Use Top Searches on Google in India for Creating Your Blog Posts?

Every blogger wants his or her content to go viral. One of the easy lanes to take in this direction is to follow the top searches on Google. If something is trending on Google India, chances are you'll be able to reach masses if you create relevant, thorough and useful content around it. But, how does one identify the most searched words on Google in India? Here's the answer:

Google Trends India

The good news is that Google offers a tool for you to find the top searched queries in India and that too free of cost and accessible to all! It is called - Google Trends.

Now, if you click on the link above, it will take you to the US version of the website by default. So, the first thing you need to do in order to find the top Google trends of India is to change the geography from the top right corner to India.

When you do that and scroll down a bit, you'll see a list of trending searches on Google of the day in India along with their respective search volumes, like this:

This information will be your first resource and we'll discuss ahead how it can be used to create a blog post.

The next step will be to click on any trending search that you like and explore it further. For example, if you click on the top search and check its trend pattern, you'll see how the graph has moved in the last couple of days for that search query:

This graph is going to be your second resource for drafting the blog post.

Finally, you should scroll down further and explore the other search terms around the selected top query. For example, continuing the same illustration, you'll find the following related search queries if you scroll down:

As you can see, you'll get to know the related queries to the most searched query along with the trend of the keyword i.e. how much has it been rising in the recent days (here it is listed as breakout).

This information will constitute the third resource for writing a blog post.

Now, let's use these three resources of information to draft a post which has a higher likelihood of appearing in the search results and gaining the traction. Revisiting the three constituents again:

  1. Trending Search Query

  2. Trend Pattern Graph

  3. Related Queries

Creating a Blog Post

A blog post has various elements of SEO which help it trend and appear in the search results. The three critical resources need to be infused in these SEO elements in order for your blog post to reach masses.

I. Trending Search Query

The first element i.e. the trending search query ends up becoming the main topic of your blog post around which the content of the blog post is going to revolve.

This search query should also be used in the heading and title of your blog post, preferably verbatim i.e. as it is how it is being searched by the users.

II. Trend Pattern Graph

There are two important factors to be considered when you see this graph.

First, the selected search query should be on an upward trend when you check its performance. This is because some queries might be on the tail of their search cycle.

Second, you need to select a query which has been trending for quite some time, at least 3 days. This increases the chances of it being a long-living search trend. SEO takes some time to show result and hence, choosing the search queries with a long life will help.

III. Related Queries

Finally, you'd want to ensure that the related queries are infused within the content of your blog post.

This helps Google understand what your blog post is about and thereby retrieving it better when a user requests for a similar search.

You can also use the trend shared ahead of each related query and try using the ones with a rising one.

Bottom Line

So, this is how you can use Google Trends India to create a blog post that has a higher chance of being visible to the audience. To revise what has been shared:

  • Use the trending search query in the heading and title of the blog post. Theme your entire post around that topic.

  • Use the trend pattern graph to identify the search queries that are on the rise and have a higher chance of staying in the trend cycle.

  • Use the related queries to create the content of the blog post so that Google finds it easier to retrieve your blog post.

Doing this will not only help you appear in the Google Search but also improve your chances to appear in the Google Discover Results which can bring in immense traffic to your website. But, make sure you pick up queries that are relevant to what you already blog about.

So, this was a crisp summary on how you can create a blog post using the most searched topics on Google in India. Hope this gives you the best results for your blog!

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