How Many Views Needed for AdSense Approval?

Don't be demotivated if you read somewhere that you need to wait for 2-3 months before applying for Google AdSense. I started this blog on 10th May, 2020 and applied for AdSense on 17th May, 2020 i.e. within 7 days of starting this blog. And guess what? I got the AdSense Approval the very next day.

My blog traffic at the time of applying for Google AdSense was:

  • 6 Posts

  • 238 Users

  • 1,280 Page Views

Here is a screenshot for your reference:

The minimum traffic required for Google AdSense has nowhere been specified. I got an approval for this blog with as low as 1,200 page views. So, you can surely rule out page views as a criteria for getting an AdSense approval. The factors that matter in my opinion are:

  • Blog Design

  • Ease of Navigation

  • Quality Content

  • Proper Linking

  • Website SEO

  • Proper Indexing

You can read about these factors in detail here - AdSense Approval Trick 2020.

If you're a new blogger aspiring to earn from blogging, AdSense might be a slow route to begin with, though I understand why you would want to take that route - advertising, especially through Google AdSense is considered to be the most common way of earning by bloggers.

But, earning through affiliate links can be a good source. It is especially convenient for niche blogs with not a lot of traffic. You can apply to Amazon Affiliates Program to know more about affiliate marketing.

If you are successful in getting an AdSense approval, you can read about my earnings through AdSense used in a Wix website - Wix AdSense Earnings.

In order to get an approval from AdSense, don't worry about the number of views your blog already has. Just focus on creating a quality website with original content. You'll get the approval in no time.

Please Note: Due to COVID-19, some bloggers are experiencing a delay in getting AdSense approval in 2020. But, I am aware of bloggers who have got the approval despite the delay, so it is no hindrance to getting the Google AdSense approval for your blog.

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